1)  November 30, Wednesday, Accordion Friends  USA

                   Monthly Zoom Meeting

                    3:00 pm PDT for one hour

        Participants play one song for the group

                     All accordionists are welcome

                      If interested, email Fran Maddox

                     @ maddoxfran43@gmail.com

Mark and Helena Greathouse  

​Mark and Helena have a new show.  Like the first one, it is a musical comedy describing their life together since 1968, when they met as foreign students in
West Germany.  Through flashbacks this show highlights some Avant-
Garde Czech songs from the 1930s between the two world wars as well
as later during the Cold War.  Both lived through the Cold War,
but each on opposite sides of the Iron Curtain: Mark in the U.S., and Helena
in Czechoslovakia. Through dialogue they share their firsthand
experiences from that time. 

The show contains twelve mostly cabaret songs, both American and
Czech, all combined through dialog and accordion music with funny
stories from their life. Out of the twelve, four of the musical numbers are
well-known Czech cabaret songs and four are Mark's own compositions.

 The first showing of “Life Is a Cabaret” will be on Sunday, January 22,
2023, at 3:00 p.m. in the Summerfield clubhouse (10650 SW