Upcoming Concert

Courtney Von Drehle, Club Member

Vickie Maris, RCAC Camp Participant

Scott Greeson and Michael Kelsey

Watch Party of Concert Video, June 26, 6:30  PDT

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Scott Greeson, Michael Kelsey, Vickie Maris and Courtney Von Drehle
… in Concert at TAF

The quartet will also be joined by the band, Trouble With Monday, for the second act of the show.

E-tickets through Eventbrite (no ticket sales available at the door):  https://bit.ly/may7concert

Reunion of Friends is a one-of-a-kind concert featuring the wide-ranging talents of singer-songwriters-arrangers and entertainers Scott Greeson, Vickie Maris, Michael Kelsey and Courtney Von Drehle.

Through friendships that reach back to high school (McCutcheon in Lafayette, Indiana) and through music friendships that stem from music camps held near Portland, Oregon, these four artists are bringing a unique combination of sound to the newly-remodeled Main Floor stage area of the Wells Community Center at The Arts Federation in Lafayette, Indiana, on May 7, 2022.

You will hear the quartet perform original material and cover tunes, and the artists will also play as soloists. Maris will debut a few of her songs during the show that she is currently recording with Michael Kelsey, who is providing the instrumentation on the project as well as serving as producer and mix engineer.

When you think this evening of music listening can’t get any more fun, the foursome will be joined by the richly-talented bandmates of Trouble With Monday, the group which tours Indiana with Scott Greeson for festivals and concert series.

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 Tickets for the  Watch Party of the concert video that will air on 6/26/22 at 9:30 pm EDT are available through Eventbrite.

 If you would also like access to the concert video when it airs on 6/26/22 at 9:30 pm for the video Watch Party, please see the Watch Party add-on ticket.

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Watch Party of the Concert Video – June 26. 6:30 pm PDT


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