John Martin's Accordion and Accessories For Sale

Concerto DA300 Accordion for Sale

Have you had your eye on one of Paul Pasquali’s (Accordions International, Salt Lake City) magnificent
digital Concerto accordions . . .but were discouraged by the price tag? Well, here’s your chance to buy
a barely used, latest model DA-300 Concerto for $10,000—less than half the invoice price.

Some of you may remember John Martin (deceased October 2021) and his love of music and all things
technical. He delighted in his Concerto and updated in June 2020 to the latest model DA-300 with
Bluetooth wireless technology, which allowed John to stroll untethered by cords.

The Concerto accordion is the best combination of state-of-the-art digital electronics paired with an
exquisitely handcrafted Piermaria Italian acoustic instrument. Designed with gold hardware, black
bellows, and gold airbrush effect, John’s custom Concerto features handmade reeds and double tone
chamber. It is configured with double bassoon reeds, which yields a rich, mellow sound—perfect for
playing America’s jazz songbook but versatile enough to play classical or country, show tunes or

Also for sale: Tascam Model 12 Mixer, Roland BK-7M Arranger Model, 2 Maui 5 Speakers with carry
cases, headset condenser microphone, Roc N’ Soc LSGO-K Drum Throne with back, Yamaha BS750 Drum
Throne, and several music stands. Prices negotiable.

Contact Jean Martin in Tigard, Oregon at or 817-422-183

Ed Kuenzi Accordions for Sale

Ed is a member of RCAC and NWAS.

His address: 4785 Bradford Lp. SE, Salem, Or. 97303

Phone: 503-364-9633

1) Brand: Soprani di Silvio Recanati; Italian made

Condition: Excellent
Details: 120 bass piano

a. Black with white treble keys
b. Bass side: white background with black buttons
c. 18 3/8th “keyboard
d. 5 switches
e. New black belly pad
f. New custom straps
g. Brown case
h.Always kept in the living area of the house.

Cost: $____?
2) Brand: Sonata
Details: A 2 row button box accordion.

a. Like new
b. Purchased from Tempo Trend in Vancouver, here.

I received these pictures from a lady who wishes to sell this accordion.  It  is a Petite Soprani.  Her father bought it for her in 1938 and she'd like to find a good home for it. If you are interested, let me know and I'll put you in touch with the seller.