Accordions For Sale

The accordions show below are Velma's 3 accordions.  Her daughter, Valerie, wishes to find them good homes.  If you are interested, let me (Fran) know and I will give you Valerie's phone number so you can talk to her directly.


These Items Are For Sale By Members

If interested, please contact the person listed.



Sheet Music, Books and CDs Donated to the Club

The inventory of Velma's musical collection has shrunk considerably since our meeting May 21.  Several people have bought books, sheet music and the cds.  A man donated music from Jimmy Bianca who taught in Portland. 

If  you are interested in Velma's music, Jimmy Bianca's, and/or Dieter Peter Nachmann's music, please contact me at  

I will be more than happy to send you the inventory list.  If the material needs to be mailed, we're asking for you to add approximately $7 for postage.

Here are some of the names of the donated music:  Galla-Rini, 20 All-time High Parades, Sedlon Method Books, Danceland Accordion Album, The Best of Pietro Deiro, Jr., French Music for Accordion, Alpine Sounds (Gary Kohl), Italian Songs (Gary Dahl), Astor Piazzola, Stas Venglevski, Charles Magnante, Frosini, Yankovic, etc.