This page is designed to give you updated information on the upcoming 2023 Accordion Camp to be held at Collins Retreat Center.  The 2023 camp will be held from June 4-9. 

Below you will find the You Tube version of our concert from our August, 2021 camp.  Gabe Hall-Rodriques was our conductor.   He is returning in 2023 to be conductor again.  Joining him will be Gail Campanella as an additional conductor.  Instructors will be Dee Langley and Toby Hanson 

Registration forms have been sent out and the response has been terrific.  As of 10/19/22 we have 32 registered.   If you are interested contact me (Fran Maddox) or Camp Director (Delette Huffman).  Our email addresses are on  the Board Members page.