Plans are in finalized for the 2024 RCAC Accordion Camp.

      Date:    June 2-7

      Conductors:   Gabe Hall-Rodrigues and Gail Campanella

      Instructors:    Jamie Maschler and Courtney von Drehle

Since it's the 25th anniversary of the camp, the committee is busy finding special ways to commemorate the occasion.  Stay tuned.  

The camp committee decided to have only a professionally prepared video of our concert on Thursday night of camp.   Guests are always welcome to attend. 

​The following are videos from the 2023 camp.

The Camp Director for 2025 will be Susan Schwab.  Sue is our club Treasurer and volunteered to take on this new role.  She has been a vital member of camp for several years so it is with great pleasure to know camp will continue beyond 2024.  Thank you Susan.