Membership in our club is open to all accordionists and accordion enthusiasts.  

Yearly membership is $25.00 and provides you with the monthly newsletter plus a place to meet that is free of charge.  We do need to provide insurance though. 

At our monthly meeting the first 45 minutes are playing  in a music circle.   The remainder of our time is a business meeting and playing solos, duets and/or trios.  

If you are interested in joining, provide the following information and send the completed form with your membership payment to the address at the bottom of the form or bring it to the next meeting. 

Name ___________________________________________


City/State/Zip ____________________________________

 Phone _____________________________________

Email Address ____________________________________

Send to:  Susan Schwab, 4352 Trapper Dr. NE, Salem, OR 97305

Thank you, Fran Maddox

If you have questions, email me at or call me at 503-750-0371

             1) Mail to Susan Schwab at 4352 Trapper Dr., N., Salem, OR  97305

              2)Use  Zelle through US Bank or other banks that use Zelle.Look for Sue’s name or her phone # 503-871-6175             
            3)Paypal or Venmo accounts using Sue’s phone                             number.   Identify yourself when making your payment.

​Club Dues for 2024