RCAC Meeting Notes.    August 19, 2023.  Submitted by Marlene Meissner

Bev Spurgeon opened the meeting in absence of president Fran Maddox, who was with family celebrating her 80th birthday.

Bev made the following announcements:

There will not be a music circle at today’s meeting.

The October meeting will be held on October 7.  There will be no meeting in September due to members being involved playing at many Oktoberfests.

Elections wlll be held in November for two-year terms for President and Vice President beginning January 1.   Fran Maddox has agreed to run for president for another term.  If anyone is interested in being a candidate for either office, they can contact any officer or board member as soon as possible.

Plans are in the works for a December holiday party.

Club member Don Devlaeminck’s wife Mary recently underwent cancer surgery.  Good news - It was found to be localized and had not spread.  We wish her a speedy recovery and hope to see her again soon.

Dates for the 2024 camp have been confirmed – June 2-7.  Gabe Hall-Rodrigues will conduct, and instructors will be Courtney Von Drehle and Jamie Maschler.  Gail Campanella will conduct one of the small orchestras and play bass.  There will be no livestream of the concert in 2024.  Instead a professional video tape will be made and it will be shown on the club’s YouTube channel.  The 2024 camp will be the 25th camp hosted by the club.

Kathy Grambsch urged members to consider joining the ATG (Accordion Teachers Guild). She noted that there are many benefits to be gained from the $60 annual membership.

Bev noted that Mark Greathouse played his accordion as accompaniment to a poetry reading at a recent gathering of the Milwaukie Poetry Society.  The collaboration was an experience that everyone enjoyed and Bev plans to provide a similar program at an upcoming RCAC club meeting.

Larry McCullouch reported that he will be playing his accordion in an upcoming interactive dinner theatre production called “Who Stole My Dead Husband?”  It will be held at the Cloverdale Mercantile and Event Center Brush Prairie, Washington, on the last three weekends of September.  More information on the program and ticket purchases can be found at www.thedeadhusband.com.  

Kim Nurmi noted that there will be a waltz jam at Peninsula Park at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 20.  

Mark Greathouse mentioned that he and his wife Helena will soon embark on a cross country tour presenting their newest program, “Life is a Cabaret.”  They will return home in October and will be presenting their program at the Garden Home Community Library in Garden Home on October 28.

Solo performances followed the announcements:


Wayne Nelson:                        Alice Blue Gown, Neopolitan Love Song

Delette Huffman:                    Expectations Waltz, Your Cheatin’ Heart

Marlene Meissner:                 Iupali Iupala, Flight of the Angels

Kim Nurmi:                              La Vien Rose, Under Paris Skies

Larry McCullouch:                   Funiculi Funicula, O Solo Mio

Doug Stickler:                          Autumn Leaves, Santa Lucia, Desafinado

Micah Cowan:                         Amazing Grace, Sailor’s Hornpipe

Beth McDonald:                      8th Street Boogie

Kathy Grambsch/

Beth McDonald:                      Just Because


Kathy Grambsch:                     In Walked Wolfy, Vivo, Moulin Rouge Medley

Leonard Kosatka:                    Amapola, Peg O My Heart, Twilight Time

Sue Schwab:                            Beyond the Reef/Coconut Grove/Little Grass Shack, Down Yonder

Wayne Tiusanen:                    Till Then, Lights in the City

Bob Myers:                              On the Banks of the Wabash Far Away, Why Did You Love Me So,

                                                Let The Lower Lights be Burning

Mark Greathouse:                   Two Guitars, Saber Dance

Bev Spurgeon:                         Tennessee Waltz, I Want to be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart