President's Message: 

Welcome to spring!  Crocuses and apple trees are blooming.  We're even having some 60 degree days.  A most welcome change from winter weather.

Our March 18 meeting was a productive practice of "Moscow Nights".  It's the song we will perform at the Forest Grove Social on April 23.  After that practice the music circle songs were led by Jeff Nelson and Lynn Haldeman.  Club members have been wanting more challenging music.  Lynn has arranged some of our music to have it more interesting.  Many thanks to him for doing that. 

Following the group play we enjoyed beautiful solos played by the members.

Planning for the RCAC 2023 camp continues with Delette Huffman at the helm.  She communicates with Collins Retreat Center in Eagle Creek, OR to make sure everything will go smoothly.  Thank you Delette for the hours you put into this camp.  

We are in need of a Camp Director for 2025.  Delette will do 2023 and 2024 but we'd like someone to shadow her to see the complete picture for camp prepartion and the actual event.  Later on the website is more information for anyone who may be interested.  

Two meeting dates have changed:  April 8 is the April meeting.  The May meeting is May 27.  The community room is being used for police training and other activities.  We are so grateful to be able to use this room so we willing accomodate their plans.  

If anyone reading this is a member of Rose City Accordion Club but didn't receive the March newsletter, it's probably because your dues haven't been paid for 2023.  Susan Schwab, Treasurer, and I have diligently kept track as we have bills to pay so need to know who has paid their dues.  Starting this month the newsletter only goes to those who have paid dues for 2023.  Later on this website is information for paying dues.

Enjoy the springtime and keep playing those accordions.  

​Fran Maddox, President RCAC

​March 25, 2023

Club Monthly Meetings

Usually held  the 3rd Saturday of the month.

Address:  3200 SE Harrison St.

                    Milwaukie, OR. 97222

Upcoming Meeting Dates:  2023

April 8 (*****changed date)

May 27

July 15

August 19

October 21

November 18

​December 16





The Rose City Accordion Club is located in the Portland, Oregon area.  It  is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals who share enjoyment of and enthusiasm for the accordion. The Club embraces all styles of accordion music and welcomes all who have an interest in the accordion whether they play or not. Our intent is to promote the future of the accordion and the enjoyment it gives to all.

Our members play the accordion at various events and venues around town.

"Squeeze" some music into your life. Whether you live in the Portland, Oregon area or are just passing through, we invite you to stop at one of our monthly meetings. Please follow the links to find out more about our Club.

The Rose City Accordion Club is open to all accordion players, from beginners to professionals, their friends and families, and to anyone who enjoys music. Meetings are usually held monthly on the third Saturday.

Rose City Accordion Club

​Next Meeting, April 8, 2023

​10:30    "Moscow Nights"Practice

12:15.      Music Circle, led by Lynn Haldeman

                   Songs are the same as March              

1:00.       Club Meeting

1:30         Solos

4:00         Adjourn and Clean up