Rose City Accordion Club

Jeff Nelson leading the music circle for July 16.  Pictures in right picture: Judy, Bobbie (standing), Les, Wayne N., Fran and Delette. Picture in left picture: Wayne T., Lynn and Larry.

Last updated July 3, 2022

Pat (Susan's husband and our photographer), Jeff and Don

Wayne N., Fran, Delette and Susan

Delette, Susan, Wayne N., Lynn

Wayne N., Fran, Delette, Susan, Wayne N., Lynn


Next Club Meeting

on July 16, 2022

will be held in the 

​Milwaukie Public Safety Building

3200 SE Harrison St.

Milwaukie, OR  9722

Music Circle from 12:15-12:45

Meeting and Entertainment 1:00-3:30 


​12:15-12:45      Music Circle:

                           Jeff Nelson  will be leading;  The songs are: 

                             Irish Medley (parts); Santa Lucia (parts); Baby Face and Beim Kronewirt

                             All songs are in the music circle book.  For the link email Fran Maddox



​1:00                 Meeting

​                          --Announcements

                          --Solo play  (2 songs per participant)

​3:30               Adjourn Meeting



The Rose City Accordion Club, located in Portland, Oregon, is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals who share enjoyment of and enthusiasm for the accordion. The Club embraces all styles of accordion music and welcomes all who have an interest in the accordion whether they play or not. Our intent is to promote the future of the accordion and the enjoyment it gives to all.

Our members play the accordion at various events and venues around town.

"Squeeze" some music into your life. Whether you live in the Portland, Oregon area or are just passing through, we invite you to stop at one of our monthly meetings. Please follow the links to find out more about our Club.

The Rose City Accordion Club is open to all accordion players, from beginners to professionals, their friends and families, and to anyone who enjoys music. Meetings are held monthly on the third Saturday of each month at the Milwaukie Public Safety Building, 3200 SE Harrison Street (SE 32nd and Harrison), Milwaukie OR, from 1:00 to 4:oo PM. 

Jeff leading, Kim, Marlene and Leonard

Larry, Kim, Greg, Leonard, Marlene and Bobbie

​July 16, 2022 Meeting