March 19, 2024

President's Message:

The meeting Saturday, March 16, was another wonderful gathering of accordionists, spouses and friends.  The presentation by Bobbie Ferrero on more information about ForScore was especially useful.  She did a great job preparing and presenting.  Special thanks to Delette Huffman who helped her get ready.

Music Circle was led by Delette Huffman this month.  She chose the songs, sent them to me and I sent out to all the members.  She even gave some history of "Danny Boy" which was interesting.   Many of us are using ForScore so we have the Music Circle songs saved on iPads!  Congratulations to all for navigating this technology, thanks to Bobbie's leadership.  

We followed a different format for playing solos this time and will continue for the foreseeable future.  The first round everyone plays one song and after a short break round two begins for those who want to play a second song.  The members seemed pleased with this arrangement.  The goal is to save time as our meetings have become quite lengthy.

What a special treat was in store for this meeting:  Paul Smith, from Estacada, OR. was our Featured Performer.  Paul is a fabulous accordionist and a genuinely nice guy.  There are several pictures in the photos section on the website.  Thank you Paul.  We're so glad you joined the club so we can see and hear you more often.


  There are some accordions for sale by Jean Martin (John's wife).  As you know John passed away in 2021.  In items for sale I've put information about his equipment for sale.  Ed Kuenzi also has a couple of accordions for sale.  His information is on the same page.  Ed attended the meeting this month and spoke about his two accordions for sale.  

  Scandanavian Festival in Astoria:  Coreen Bergholm announced that June 22 the original group from 2023 will perform at the Festival.  The performance is at 5:00 pm and lasts about an hour.

 The RCAC Camp plans are ramping up for the 25th anniversary of this event.  The camp committee is coming up with many ideas on how to commemorate this wonderful week of playing together.

Many thanks to everyone who contributes to the success of our meetings.  It is a happy time of sharing and renewing friendships.  

Happy Easter to all of our members.  The next meeting is April 20.  It will be at our regular meeting place from 12:00-4:00.  Micah Cowan will be leading the music circle.  Thanks to everyone for bringing your music to participate in the circle.


​Meeting Place:   Milwaukie Public Safety Building

                              3200 SE Harrison St., Milwaukie, OR, 97222

Meeting Dates:  3rd Saturday each month unless noted on this website

Meeting Times:  12:00 noon-4:00 pm

                              Music Circle starts at 12:00 and regular meeting at 1:00 pm

​                              If no Music Circle, meeting starts at 12:00 pm 

Next Meeting is April 20, 2024

Rose City Accordion Club