European Take-Out Band

‚ÄčChristmas gig at Kuni BMW

Delette Huffman and Marlene Meissner

Velma attended many Las Vegas Conventions.

Shown here with Lisa Roeder and Kathy Grambsch.

Bob Meyers (above); Wayne Nelson, Bev Spurgeon, Jeff Nelson and Bob play 2 songs as a quartet.

Lynn Haldeman (left);

Lisa Roeder and Kathy Grambsch played a duet.

Bob Noel playing after Velma Conte's funeral.  Pictured here with Velma's daughter Valerie and Velma's husband Pat.

Jeff Nelson and Marlene Meissner playing at Volksfest, Mt. Angel, February 25-27, 2022.

RCAC Meeting, February 19, 2022

Members playing at meeting on March 19.  Several Irish jigs plus other genre:  several solos, a duet and a quartet for entertain for the afternoon.