Club Meeting Notes

Club Meeting Dates
Music Circle: (noon) 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM
Club Meeting: 1:15 PM - 4:00 PM


Special Announcement
Good day to all of our club members and friends: 

In accordance with State recommendations to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, the Board has decided to CANCEL the Saturday, October 17, November 21 and December 19 club meetings at the Milwaukie Public Safety Building. Again, to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, the October, November and December meetings of the Rose City Accordion Club at the Milwaukie Public Safety Building have been CANCELLED and replaced with a video ZOOM meeting (see below).

Thank you for respecting the guidelines to make sure all of our club members stay healthy through this pandemic. 

Hopefully regular club meetings will again be held starting January 2021.


October 17, November 21 & December 19 

 1:00 - 3:00 PM

Invites for these ZOOM meetings will be sent to all paid members that would like to participate.

If you want to participate in these RCAC ZOOM meetings, please send an email (containing your name and song title you will play) to 

Bev Spurgeon at

or to Fran Maddox at


...... to receive the ZOOM invitation.

First you will need to download the ZOOM app. on your phone or computer. It is free ..… recommend you setup a virtual background so people cannot snoop at your art work, etc. 

Bev/Fran will send an invite/password with a list of participants in the order of playing. We can chat at the beginning while gathering and at the end. Please have respect for the person playing by not moving your chair, gulping drinks, clinking items or accordion against your chair or desk. This all distracts from the beautiful music that we all so dearly enjoy and need during isolation in this pandemic.